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High Tech, Electronics and Data Centers

Processing power for computing, efficient assembly & packaging, coupled with high performance software are the stereotypical images of today’s electronics industry. ICM’s involvement doesn’t build the electronic components; rather we construct the facilities, install the assembly lines, and help deliver the utilities the industry needs.

Can you walk a 100,000 pound generator across a raised computer floor? We can. Ever construct a building and manufacturing line where the walls are specifically designed to blow out of the building in the event of a disruption? We have. To eliminate a single dropped power cycle can you precisely align the engine generator and inertial flywheel of a rotary UPS? We do. All of those are components the electronics and computer industry turns to ICM to ensure their success.


Industry Experience

  • Construction of Electronics Manufacturing Facilities

  • Installation and erection of toner production lines

  • Setting and handling of Power Distribution Units

  • Installation, assembly, and maintenance of rotary generating equipment

  • Selection and installation of explosion blowout protection walls

  • Installation of fulfillment warehousing and distribution systems

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