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On numerous occasions manufacturers in the aerospace industry have selected ICM to support the industry’s technical manufacturing requirements.

The design, manufacture and installation of precision assembly docks and fixtures for our country’s satellite rockets are part of our curriculum vitae. Three dimensional modeling has been used for tooling, fixtures and jigs to support their construction and installation. The unique equipment required for the welding and assembly of fuel and oxidizer tanks used for outer space propulsion are assembled, installed, and retrofitted by our skilled craftsman. We have succeeded with the disassembly and cross country relocation for “one of a kind” manufacturing lines, successfully enough to be called back for subsequent consolidation efforts. When entrusted with classified requirements, ICM rewards the trust with superior performance.

Industry Experience

  • Design and modeling of assembly and manufacturing fixtures

  • Clean room construction and assembly techniques

  • Manufacturing and installation of OSHA safety upgrades

  • Precision construction of fuel and engine assembly line

  • Logistical move planning & cost evaluation, along with production line relocation

  • Concrete and production surface refurbishment and epoxy sealing

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