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Safety Philosophy


In all of its operations, Industrial Constructors/Managers, Inc. (ICM) is guided by an established accident-prevention policy. This policy is based on a sincere desire to eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses, damage to equipment and property, as well as to protect the general public.

Management and supervision are charged with the responsibility of preventing the occurrence of incidents or conditions that could lead to occupational injury or illness.

Safety should never be sacrificed for production but considered an integral part of project planning, quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency. Every supervisor will be held accountable for the safety performance demonstrated by the employees under his/her supervision.

It is the Company policy to recognize and / or reward behaviors that create a safe workplace and to eliminate by training behaviors that endanger employees, contractors, or visitors within our workplaces. It is also the Company policy to make all employees and contractors aware of behaviors and attitudes that can affect safety on and off the job.

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We at ICM believe that Total Quality Management plays an important role in our success.

Total Quality Management is an organization-wide philosophy with its core values centered on continually improving the quality of its product and services, and the quality of its processes, to meet and exceed customer expectations.

This means that everyone in the organization - from top management to the employees - plays a role in providing quality products.


ICM’s Certifications:

  • AISC Certified Fabricator w/ Paint Endorsement

  • AISC Certified Steel Erector

  • NBIC “R” Stamp

  • MSHA Certified

  • AISD Member

  • BBB Member

  • ASME Member

  • MC Member

  • NBIC (National Board Inspection Code)

  • AWS (American Welding Society)

  • ASQ (American Society for Quality)

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