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Equipment Installation

ICM has an industry-wide reputation for achieving success while installing manufacturing, packaging or production line equipment. Large rotating equipment is set and aligned, in support of your project and the original equipment manufacturer's specifications.


In the ever competitive manufacturing world, moving a plant may be as important as building one.

  • Beverage Production, Filling and Capping

  • Case and Carton Conveyors

  • Presses, Forges, and Machine Centers

  • Baghouses and Air Quality Equipment

  • Bulk Material Crushing, Screening, and Conveying

  • Food Production and Packaging

  • Clean Room Pharmaceutical Processes



ICM understands that not all projects are new construction. As your plant grows, you may need to modify or retrofit your plant to meet expansion needs. This is not always an easy task. Our team enjoys complicated projects and working with your team to find the right way to accommodate expansion projects. Through proper planning and problem solving ICM would like to be an asset to your future retrofit project.


Structural modifications

  • Specialized modifications

  • Plant expansions

  • Plant optimization

  • Turnkey contracting

  • Efficiency upgrades


Heavy Lifting +
Rigging and Moving

The skills required moving a 500 ton press through an elevated building wall or the guarded precision required to maneuver delicate medical instruments thru a busy hospital corridor mirrors the daily environment of ICM's project teams. Whether the scope must be done suited up at a waste remediation site or in the purity of a pharmaceutical clean room, ICM is at home working safely within OSHA and MSHA governed sites.

Contact ICM if it involves:

  • Crane or Hand Rigged Methodologies

  • Through the Front Door or the Wall

  • Below Grade or High In the Sky

  • Moved In One Piece or Disassembled

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